Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lil Pip release - 9pm, Wednesday 1 December

The next release for Lil Pip is 9pm (AEDT), Wednesday 1 December. This month we have 26 Boobook ribbon owls available, far more than we ever have before. Lots of new colours and designs available to choose from.

I also have introduced the new 'Sophia Skirt' available in size 1 - 3. Would love to know what you think? I've just finished the cutest shirt to match and will add images tomorrow (hopefully my little model will cooperate).

Still a few 'Millie Mae' dresses available and the boys Muckamo shorts. All perfect timing for Christmas!

The next release will be Tuesday 1 February 2011. Lil Pip is having a break!

~ Jane from Lil Pip

Useful information about the Do's & Dont's of promotion of competitions on Facebook

Check out the article from Build a little biz its about the "Can and Cannots" of Facebook.

Read the article here.

- Gem


Hi everyone and welcome to this little collaboration of FANTASTIC WAHM businesses....

We all run our businesses either all out of Facebook, or have a business page there, and as there has been a lot of WAHM pages being closed down lately due to cracking down on the FB rules, we've decided to set up a group blog where we will be able to run any promotions on our own pages within this blog, but also support and promote each others businesses here too...

We hope you like visiting and hope to get some more info and pics up soon.

Nat from Patooties Boutique xx

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