Saturday, December 25, 2010


Hope you have a beautiful and relaxing day celebrating with your near and dear.

Hope Santa is good to you all! (and a little Happy Birthday to Jesus thrown in there too!)

Love from The Sisterhood (specifically Nat from PB)!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

VIP Shopping Pass Announcement!!

Thanks to those who participated in the VIP Shopping Pass Competition

1. Erica M
2. Jane
3. Jodie
4. Leanne
5. Gem
6. Mrs Raffie
7. Erica S

Using True Random Number Generator the winners were 5 and 3!!!

Congratulations Gem and Jodie!!!

Meet me at Perigren Creations FB Page tomorrow night Friday 10th December at 7:30pm.
On my "GO" you can use your VIP Pass to purchase 1 item.

Thanks again so much for joining in the fun and for all your ideas.
They have all provided me with "food" for thought.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Perigren Creations VIP Shopping Competition

Don't forget our Last Minute Christmas Shopping opportunity this Friday 10th December at 8pm (QLD Time). It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

To Celebrate reaching 200 (and now over 250!) I'm giving away the opportunity for 2 VIP Shopping Passes!! A VIP pass gives you the opportunity to start shopping half an hour earlier (at 7:30pm QLD Time) guaranteeing that you get the item that you are wanting. PLEASE NOTE – A VIP PASS ENTITLES YOU TO PURCHASE ONE ITEM ONLY.
Any other shopping can be done once the sale starts at 8pm (QLD Time).

TO ENTER – comment below or email me at with details of what new “creations” you’d like to see in 2011 or any of the current stock that you want for next year too. I’m open to ideas and suggestions – the Santa Cookies set above were inspired by one of my loyal customers! The two winners will be randomly selected on Thursday 9th December at 8pm – so get thinking. The Winners will be posted here tomorrow night.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Bebejane Designs VIP shopping pass winners...

I have taken the entries from the blog and from my email and ordered them according to the time of post/email. The entrants are...

1. Ryan & Erica Swarts
2. Kristina
3. Megan
4. Daniel
5. Lucy
6. Rebecca from Baby Chilli
7. Sabrina
8. Julie
9. Amanda Webber
10. Rebecca Hughes
11. Kristy
12. Clare De Graaf
13. Andrea Woodford

Now according to RANDOM.ORG the 2 winners are...

11. Kristy
3. Megan

Thank you for participating and congratulations to Kristy and Megan!! I will announce when you are both able to begin shopping on Facebook tomorrow night (7.30pm AEST).

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sale on at Baby Chilli

Head on over to our Facebook page and purchase one or more nappies from our regular range as well as a Christmas nappy and receive 10% off!


Friday, December 3, 2010

Bebejane Designs - Win a VIP pass to our December 7th Stocking!

To celebrate our first Facebook stocking on Tuesday December 7th at 8pm AEST I am giving away two VIP shopping passes!! A VIP pass will give you the opportunity to begin your shopping half an hour early (7.30pm AEST), guaranteeing that you can get your hands on the item that you have your eye on. PLEASE NOTE - A VIP PASS ENTITLES YOU TO PURCHASE ONE ITEM ONLY. Any other shopping will need to be done once the sale commences at 8pm AEST.

TO ENTER, please comment below or email me at with details of what you would like to see in our next stocking (style, size, colour). The two winners will be selected using on Monday December 6th at 8pm AEST. The winners names will be posted here.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lil Pip's Christmas donation

This beautiful Boobook 'Lexi' will be going to a deserving home this Christmas. Thanks to the support from my Facebook likers, Lexi will be going to the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal. I hope the little person receiving her this Christmas will appreciate a little handmade joy.

~ Jane from Lil Pip

December stocking and What not to do while sewing...

Firstly, a note that the By suse Hocking December stocking is on Tomorrow evening (the 2nd of Dec.) at 8pm Brisbane time...and you can see the fun items that will be for sale is just one sample of what will be available...

Lots of fun clothing for boys and girls, hope to see you there. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this little story that happened to me yesterday :)

Women are renowned for their multitasking skills...we can juggle the kids, and (for for some of us) work, as well as little WAH businesses as well...We can juggle a coffee, sewing and entertaining the kids all at once...we are good at what we do, are we not? Well, last night I discovered that my multi tasking skills are not as good as I thought they were...not as good as I am always telling hubby they are...not as good as I really wish they were! Let me explain...

I was trying to sew some cute boys nappy covers and shorts...I had the whole production line thing happening and it was working a dream.My mistake - trying to do all this at bedtime. My hubby does the bedtime thing...he reads the story and says the prayers with our 2 gorgeous girls, then he hands them over to me for tucking in. I was halfway through overlocking a pair of nappy covers and I got the call he was done, so I went and tucked them in tight, gave them kisses and cuddles and turned off the lights...then hastily headed back to my "studio" to carry on with what I was doing.
While I sat there, hubby started talking...about what, I cannot honestly remember...I wanted to get so much done before heading to bed, that I was doing a man thing and not really know...nod your head..."yup, really, I am listening...yup..." (ladies, you know what I'm talking about). I was distracted for only a second...but it was a second long enough to do this...

and before I knew it, it was too late! I had sewn the front onto the back upside down!!! I'm going to have to unpick it now (hate unpicking overlocker stitching)...and I had to admit I wasn't really listening and that my famous multitasking skills need some more practice...

Well, I am now off to unpick the stupid thing LOL.
Happy Stitching,
Suse from By Suse Hocking

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