Monday, December 6, 2010

Bebejane Designs VIP shopping pass winners...

I have taken the entries from the blog and from my email and ordered them according to the time of post/email. The entrants are...

1. Ryan & Erica Swarts
2. Kristina
3. Megan
4. Daniel
5. Lucy
6. Rebecca from Baby Chilli
7. Sabrina
8. Julie
9. Amanda Webber
10. Rebecca Hughes
11. Kristy
12. Clare De Graaf
13. Andrea Woodford

Now according to RANDOM.ORG the 2 winners are...

11. Kristy
3. Megan

Thank you for participating and congratulations to Kristy and Megan!! I will announce when you are both able to begin shopping on Facebook tomorrow night (7.30pm AEST).


  1. ohh bum :( oh well will rush like the rest tomorrow night :)
    bec at baby chilli

  2. Ooooh, awesome!!! Thanks so much!

  3. Congratulations Kristy and Megan - what a lucky opportunity you have and what a hard choice - this collection is so amazing!!!
    Best of luck tonight Sarah!!


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