Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Perigren Creations VIP Shopping Competition

Don't forget our Last Minute Christmas Shopping opportunity this Friday 10th December at 8pm (QLD Time). It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

To Celebrate reaching 200 (and now over 250!) I'm giving away the opportunity for 2 VIP Shopping Passes!! A VIP pass gives you the opportunity to start shopping half an hour earlier (at 7:30pm QLD Time) guaranteeing that you get the item that you are wanting. PLEASE NOTE – A VIP PASS ENTITLES YOU TO PURCHASE ONE ITEM ONLY.
Any other shopping can be done once the sale starts at 8pm (QLD Time).

TO ENTER – comment below or email me at with details of what new “creations” you’d like to see in 2011 or any of the current stock that you want for next year too. I’m open to ideas and suggestions – the Santa Cookies set above were inspired by one of my loyal customers! The two winners will be randomly selected on Thursday 9th December at 8pm – so get thinking. The Winners will be posted here tomorrow night.


  1. Oh yippee - I'm that 'loyal customer'!!!

    Ok my suggestions:
    - Aussie BBQ set (for summer!)
    - Valentine's day heart something?? cookies, chocolates?
    - Easter range - cute little bunnies would be great
    - sushi
    - more bakery sets - they are sooooo cute
    - fruit and veg

    Is that enough?

  2. Well I'm still in love with the Christmas bauble idea and I'd love to see them with different goodies inside.

  3. Sushi! How cute would it be to be able to make a California roll make out of felt!

    Love your work!


  4. Well any of the bakery products are soo cute.. just perfect for My Miss A's new kitchen...

    but I would see maybe some vegies or fruit... or ice creams maybe

  5. Hi, just some ideas from me,

    * Pancakes with Strawberries, little cube of butter and sauce;
    * Fruit Basket;
    * Lollies or Rolls of Lollies;
    * Any Vegetable;
    * Wafer Biscuits or chocoloate biscuits;
    * Muffins; and
    * Cakes (maybe a big birthday cake with a candles)....

    Lol just some ideas I would LOVE to see next year - Felt food is sooo much better then the wooden food I think!

    Erica Swarts


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