Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lil Pip release - 9pm, Wednesday 1 December

The next release for Lil Pip is 9pm (AEDT), Wednesday 1 December. This month we have 26 Boobook ribbon owls available, far more than we ever have before. Lots of new colours and designs available to choose from.

I also have introduced the new 'Sophia Skirt' available in size 1 - 3. Would love to know what you think? I've just finished the cutest shirt to match and will add images tomorrow (hopefully my little model will cooperate).

Still a few 'Millie Mae' dresses available and the boys Muckamo shorts. All perfect timing for Christmas!

The next release will be Tuesday 1 February 2011. Lil Pip is having a break!

~ Jane from Lil Pip


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