Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Name a new dress to win!

Lil Pip's first release for 2011 is 9pm, Tuesday 1 February. Previews have already started going up on the page - check out Lil Pip

I have released a new dress design this month and I want you to help me name it! A simply pinny, it will vary each time with shoulder ties, cross over ties, pockets and trim. Stay tuned for the winter versions, featuring cord and denim!
Simply comment below with your suggestion, make as many as you like and be in the chance to win a VIP shopping pass to shop 1 hour before everyone else on Tuesday 1 February (shopping at 8pm).

The current dress design is called Millie Mae and we also have the Sophia Skirt.

Competition closes 9pm, Sunday 30 January.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Jane, Lil Pip


  1. Ella Rose - I had other suggestions too but this was the first that came to me when I saw this cute little dress :)
    Simple, sophisticated and very girly.

  2. Sweet Summertime :)

    Brosius at tds dot net

  3. The first that popped to mine when I saw this one was "Freya" (Freya frock even?) Freya is a name associated with Spring Time. A Nordic fertility Goddess, she is linked with spring growth and flowers. We are coming into spring shortly - the blossoms will be blooming, fresh flowers and grass scenting the air, I think this dress encapsulates that too :) So my suggestion is Freya :) Thanks.

  4. "Summer Rose" - very summerish and adorable :)

  5. Ella Grace - elegant and graceful :) and also my little girl's name

  6. I think my girls names are lovely -
    Zoey and Bronte

    But i think 'Gracie' would suit!

  7. How about something that can go through the seasons with it, maybe "Precious Poppett"...also my little one's nickname!!!

  8. My first thought was Lou Lou but someone already said that. How about Georgey Lou? Or Eva Mae, to match in with the other dress? Makes it a family, but with the first name making it distinctive from the Milly Mae.

  9. If you are looking for a one-word name, my suggestions are:
    - Estelle ~ meaning 'star', because that's what this dress design is... a star :)
    - Aurora ~ meaning 'dawn' and she is also the goddess of sunrise :)
    Or put them together and make it 'Estelle Aurora'
    ... Elegance and style :)

  10. I like the idea of it matching so how about
    Charlie Mae
    Bella Mae or
    Ally Mae

    or as it looks like an A shape:
    Alison or

  11. Scarlet Willow!
    I think that's really cute!
    ('Rose' and 'Grace' seems to be everywhere these days, so I like something a little different) :)

  12. I'm not good at naming but perhaps something like Penny Blossom for summer and Penny Snowflake for winter ~ Christine

  13. Sorry I keep thinking of more!

    For something that suits both summer and winter I like:
    - Poppy
    - Willow
    - Pixie Willow

    I'm not sure about matching with the other dress by putting 'Mae' on the end, I think it could becoming confusing. Also it kind of sets a precedent, so if you wanted to make another style of dress it would have to include Mae as well, which is a bit limiting.
    Just my opinion :)

  14. The Pippa Pickle Pinny ;P As in.. Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers!! :) (I noticed you like alliteration, that's all.. hehe)


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