Saturday, May 21, 2011

Name That Skirt

Name That Skirt!

On Tuesday 14th June at 8pm at our regular monthly market night we will be releasing our newest creation, this gorgeous ruffle skirt. This skirt will be gorgeous during summer with a t-shirt or during winter with a pair of legging underneath. The only problem with this skirt is, it doesn't have a name! What do we call this skirt?

To help celebrate one lucky person will get to shop one hour earlier and buy any items available in the Market Night album!

All you need to do to enter is name this skirt.

Comment below to enter.

Also if we get to 1500 likers by the release I will be giving away one custom made skirt, with any fabrics in the fabric folder.
So start inviting friends, family and colleague's to the La Crafts Facebook Page  and ask them to become a liker today.


  1. Wow what a gorgeous skirt. Can't wait to order one. I think it should be named the 'Tilly K' after my daughter Matilda Kathleen.

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  3. Gorgeous skirt! I think it should be called " The Hannah Skirt" after my daughter.

  4. I think it should be called 'The Ra, Ra, La Skirt'

  5. Seeing as Ra-Ra skirts are SUCH an 80's inspired fashion, I think an 80's name would suit... and the most 80's-ish name I can think of is "The Molly Skirt", as in Molly Ringwald, True 1980's Movie Sweetheart... so that's my suggestion. "The Molly Skirt" - it's also simple and in keeping with your other clothing lines (Sophie, Lucy, Molly - all seems to "go" nicely, all end in an -ee sound!)

  6. "Pure Innocence" sounds like a good one. The lace and ruffles is purity.

  7. I think it should be called...
    "Cloudy Denim Day"
    Love the skirt! =)

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  9. Thank you Everyone for your wonderful Suggestions, The name of La Crafts New skirt is the Tilly Skirt or Tilly Frilly Skirt.

    Thank you again and Congratulations to Erin for the winning Name!


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