Thursday, May 3, 2012

TSS Photo Challenge - Week 10

After a wee break the Photo Challenge is back. A day late, but who's counting. ;)

This weeks theme is "What you've been reading" and we've got a huge selection of reading materials for your entertainment.

Gill from Oz Handmade and Frilly's Designs - This is what I am currently reading, and is available in the OZ shop at

 Jane from Lil Pip -  It pays to have access to a business library through work! 

Karen from Appleseed - Just another werewolf/vampire love story

Jo from 5 Giraffes & a Cheeky Monkey - This weeks library books

 Leigh from Sakurako - My mission this year is to knock some books off the BBC Top 100

Naomi from Ohana Trends - This is what I am presently reading. Please hold back the excitement!

 Naomi from Made for Myah - Something I read all the time, loads of patterns on my iPad

Sarah from Skip Chasey - Not an actual book or cover- but I do just flick through and read

Sharon from Lil Moo & Mee - One of too many books I have my nose in!

Tina from The Sewing Fairy -  Currently finding 10 minutes to catch up with Facebook, loving the top photo but thanks to a nice friend I also have the bottom photo ;)

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