Friday, November 2, 2012


Last weekend, some of the sisters, plus one gorgeous 8 week old boy, gathered in Queensland for a Sewing Sisterhood retreat. The sisters traveled from three different states to be there. It was a great opportunity to catch up in person, enjoy some lovely meals, learn some new sewing skills and have some beautiful baby cuddles!

The gorgeous Rebecca from Baby Chilli wrote this quickfire version of events from her perspective!

'We're here... Where are you? Baggage claim one, umm no... You sure you’re in Brisbane... Ahh Jodie!
Long walk to the car,
Wow it's hot!
Get to the shops, meet the others, take off my leggings 'cause I'm boiling in black... Ohh this dress is too short... I need to buy some clothes!... Target here we come... Where's the maternity department? :-) ... Same skirt as Jodie, and as Bridie!
Food court lunch, I think we need more wine!
On our way... Nice freeway,
Lets go to the pub! Umm how much further?!
Get to accommodation, lovely guy, hmm which cabin shall we take?..
More drinks....
Lets go canoeing, what no oars? How about those logs.. Lets have a fire... Is the tide out?
The others arrive, chocolate and nibbles time.. Brownies!!!
Crazy chat, so much to say.
Dinner time, up and up and up the stairs we go...
Parma or steak....
Water stop... Ohh can we buy a big bottle...
Wow so tired off to bed for me!
Ugh don't drink the shower water, it's brown!
Do I snore?? Wake each other up when we roll over at night, plastic mattresses, no curtains so wake up at 5.30!!!
Chat time, yummy cooked breakfast, thanks Angela
Off to market, love it! So much walking, hi Sarah and Naomi
Lets all try on clothes! Hot under here!
Chicken satay, cookie, crepe with Nutella and banana, a banana, Florentine cookie... How can I still be hungry?
Hi Karen and family.
Where's the chocolate shop?
Mel is buying dresses and more dresses, looks great!
Bracelet making,
Are we going to go to the beach?
Cheese and kabanna stop
Back to camp for nibbles, cheese, kabana, dip, crackers and cupcakes and brownies!! And more baby cuddles!
Gift swap.. Angela got a headband, brownie mix! Ohh such nice things, awesome wall art for sewing room, thanks Sarah.
Let's do some crafting...
Set up machines, ruffles, rolled hem foot, feed dogs, button sewing.. Ahh the things we learnt!
Off to the beach! Pity it's raining and dark! Look there's the waves!
Tavern dinner, $9.50 cruisers!!
Hey they took our table! Mmm salmon!
Back to camp, still no drinking... What's wrong with us!
More chatting... Off to bed
What's that noise? Geckos! Oh and Mosquitoes!
Sleep in, get up to find girls crafting in pjs
Food chat with Angela, clean up kitchen. Off to spotty! Hi we're near Sarah, busy! Hmm what shall I buy...
We need a coffee.. Sneaky lunch..
More crafting, scrappy pin cushion, frayed roses, pack up time. Ahh the fly the fly...
Photo time, posing time, laugh till we almost wet our pants!
Say our goodbyes, on our way back down freeway.
Stop at officeworks, pick n pay hypermarket, clothes shopping, bargains!
Arrive at airport, more goodbyes, hi Jodie, dinner and chat with Jodie, walk to gates, say goodbye. Gah delayed flights all round!
Back in Melbourne, coffee in international arrivals as only coffee shop open, Bridie arrives, on my way home. Clean shower, ahh can drink the water! Now off to bed, I'm tired!
Awesome weekend, thanks so much guys!!’

Fancy some more detail? Here are some photos to show you what the sisters and baby got up to...

The very organised and generous Sarah (independent crafter) looked after every detail of the retreat for us - even personalised mugs!

Each of the sisters made a little gift for a sister gift swap. Numbers were randomly selected and yet each gift suited it's recipient perfectly!

For each of the sisters, the retreat meant time away from children. The opportunity for going out for dinner was seized with both hands and greatly enjoyed!

Crafting made an appearance between chatting, shopping, baby cuddles and more chatting. This is Sarah's gorgeous pin cushion. Some of the other sisters went home with frayed roses (thanks Nat from Patooties Boutique and Rebecca from Baby Chilli) and some felt strawberries (thanks Angela from Perigren Creations). Thanks to Rebecca and Patricia (Unique Babeez) some of the sisters also went home with new knowledge of lesser known sewing machine functions and plans to buy new fancy feet!

Before we said our goodbyes we managed to get this group photo. It might help you put some faces to names and businesses! From left to right: Michelle (M's Cute Bottoms), Mel (MelliMoo Creations), Patricia (Unique Babeez), Bridie (Little Magnolia Button), Rebecca (Baby Chilli), Nat (Patooties Boutique), Sarah (Independent crafter), Jodie (Three Little Chickens) holding Nat's very special baby boy and Angela (Perigren Creations).

All in all the retreat was a lovely weekend that brought together some like minded friends. The Sewing Sisterhood encourages you to surround yourself with people who inspire you to be creative!

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