Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's Treasure Hunt Time!

Here are the rules:

  • Visit each of the pages listed below and answer the question.
  • When you have answered all questions come back here and enter your answer.
  • If you have any answers incorrect I will respond with "you have x answers incorrect".  You can then revisit your answers and re-submit.
  • The first 3 correct responses will be the winners.

Prizes are:
1st Place - 20% off your next order
2nd Place - 15% off your next order
3rd Place - 10% off your next order

The prizes will be valid until 31st May.


  1. Name one of the newly released products over at Perigren Creations
  2. How many Babushka doll soft toys will be up for sale at Little Sew & Sews next Market night on Tuesday 12th of April?
  3. A bit of a cryptic one from Baby Chilli
    A large bird in the sky is flying up high
    Sunshine around its sure to be found.
  4. From M's Cute Bottoms:  In the current available nappies, name my favourite nappy?
  5. From Puppy Dogs Tails:  What are chesty-warms?
  6. From Lil Pip: Name the first Boobooks who start with the letters M and O.
  7. From Unique Babeez:  What is the name of our Limited Edition Designs in the toilet training range?
  8. Another cryptic one:  Tea for Evie is stuck on vintage linen.
Questions from Me:

9. How many Swimming Back Packs have I custom made? 
10. How many children do I have?
11. What fabric have I used for photo 28 in tonights sale album?
12. How much is a large nappy pouch?

Thank you to all my sewing sisters for supplying questions for the Treasure Hunt!

Good luck everyone.  I hope you find some wonderful new pages on your travels.

My Obsession Designs


  1. I wonder if anyone is getting close....

  2. 1) Cheeseburger and fries
    2) 6
    3) Large Night Owl Sunshine Chilli Frilli?
    5) reversible hooded vest
    6) Matilda & Olivia
    7) Go Wild
    8) 60’s linen button magnet
    9) 18
    10) 3 with 1 on the way
    11) daisy dot turquoise, olive green lining
    12) $22

  3. 1 wrong Charlotte. You are looking for previously sold Boobooks, not ones currently available for sale :o)

  4. congrats! You have got them all right :o) 20% off your next order Charlotte :o)

  5. 1. MYO Cake
    2. 6
    3. Night Owl Sunshine Chilli Frilli
    4. Zig Zag MCN
    5. Reversible Hooded Vest
    6. Marty and Ollie
    7. Cow, Dalmation, Zebra and Tiger Wee-free rider
    8. Magnet
    9. 7
    10. 3 + bump :)
    11. Daisy dot in turquoise with olive green lining
    12. $22

  6. Yay thanks! My name is Monica but for some reason it says Charlotte :D May be a privacy thing :S

  7. Congrats Ange - 15% off your next order :o)

  8. 1.MYO cakes
    3.Large night owl sunshine chilli frilli
    4. ZigZag mcn
    5.Reversible hooded Vest.
    6.matilda & ollie.
    7. Go wild.
    8. 60's linen button magnet.
    9. 18.
    10. 3 with 1 on the way.
    11. daisy dot torquoise,olive green lining.
    12. $22

  9. Congratulations Matthew (aka Chris) - you have won 10% off your next order :o)

  10. Thanks for the fun Tracey and for the competition guys! I was just typing in my answers when Charlotte/Monica's went up! Made me hurry up that's for sure :)


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