Monday, October 3, 2011

Along Came Martha

With help from Miss Bella, I emerge into the chaos that is Unique Babeez Headquarters.

Bella is very excited at the size of me

and quickly whisks me away for a well deserved rest!  With all my travelling across the country I really did need a boost of energy!  I had a nice nap with all the other dollies in Miss Bella's bed.  Miss B even let me have prime position on her pillow while she slept on a cushion (such hospitality).

After my rest, all recharged I decided to investigate Unique Babeez Headquarters a little more .... and this is what I found...

UNDIES!!  Oh, how I wanted a pair of my very own!  So Patricia let me dive into the Great Wall of Fabric to choose my favourite design.

While my very special pair of Undies were being made I toured the rest of the house with Miss B.  It was then a mad dash to Kindy to pick up Master Lachy.  Reluctantly, I said goodbye to Miss B, Master L and of course Patricia to continue my travels.  My next stop will be M's Cute Bottoms.

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