Sunday, October 2, 2011

More than just a Facebook Group

We are a group of women, who for the most part rely on Facebook for all our interaction.

We were started by 4 ladies who wanted a place for like minded crafty women to share their passion, but it has become so much more....
Some of us have been invited into the group by people we know "in real life", others have been invited by someone they have met online through the selling and purchasing (and supporting) of homemade wares.

We all started out with one thing in common, but soon found we have much, much more.....

We have shared the joys of pregnancies (and there have been many - beware of the TSS fairy dust!) and the heartbreak of not being able to fall pregnant and the devastation (and celebration) of the birth of a precious Angel Baby. Some of us have had health issues and we all have vented about the frustrations in our lives. And, as any real sister would, we all listen.... we offer each other advise and lend a "listening ear". We discovered that many Angel Babies are watching over us, that several of our sisters have had to endure numerous miscarriages and rounds of IVF to finally fall pregnant with their beautiful children. We discovered that someone else has been through that terrifying health scare or have husbands and children that sometimes simply DRIVE US CRAZY!!

Some of us, since the group began have traveled across the country to meet up at Craft Shows and Retreats and also to honour our precious Angel "Nephew" - remember that many of us had not previously known each other "in real life".

We are forever SISTERS and although we sometimes have differences of opinions we are always there for each other. There is always a listening ear, a comforting word - and let's not forget the original reason The Sewing Sisterhood started - we share our creations and inspire each other to try new things and encourage each other when we doubt ourselves. It is even possible that we lead each other astray in regards to the purchase of fabrics or patterns or other crafting essentials (did someone mention a sale???)

So yes, we are a Facebook Group, but we are much much more....

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