Monday, September 5, 2011

Martha hits the Gold Coast!

Martha arrived at the beautiful Gold Coast to some interesting weather!  Torrential rain and gale force wind meant Martha wasn't able to get out and about to explore this usually sunny city.  After a lot of travelling though, Martha was quite happy to unwind and spend some quiet time with Bernie from Tea for Evie and little Miss Evie herself.  17 month old Evie took great delight in showing Martha around their home, introducing her to the cat, and taking her for a ride out on the deck on her trike!

After the initial settling in, Martha enjoyed spending some time in Tea for Evie HQ, and helped select vintage fabrics for the new collection.

Crafting is not without it's dangers though, as Martha found out when she went to rummage through a big suitcase filled to the brim with upcycled doilies!

Martha recovered with some new friends, the Tea for Evie ragdolls, and relaxed over cups of tea.  They used the special vintage teacups for the occasion and had a very ladylike indoor picnic!

It's safe to say Martha is quite the seasoned traveller by now, and I think she is already daydreaming of big overseas adventures.  I found her brushing up on her French, and planning some fabulous destinations.  This is a girl after my own heart, oui!

Martha had a lovely time with us and is well rested for her next round of adventures!  We gave her a big hug goodbye and sent her to our friend Patricia at Unique Babeez.  We can't wait to see what she gets up to next!

Bernie & Evie x

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