Wednesday, February 22, 2012

TSS Photo Challenge - Week 7

This weeks photo challenge is "Something the kids did" and oh boy do we have some super cute submissions from the Sisters!

Science at home - watching water beads expand with Oliver, age 4.

Homemade pizza, yum! Alyssa, age 5.
Sarah - Skip Chasey

Making a mummy and baby spider out of cups and pipe-cleaners with Oliver, age 4. 
Leigh - Sakurako
 Mask making with Hannah and Oliver
Naomi - Ohana Trends

Lachlan, age 5, learning how to sew
Patricia - Unique Babeez

Maxx, age 3, helped his mum make a board for his speech therapy
Sharon - Lil Moo & Mee

Baking banana bread with Matilda, age 4

Cardboard box sculptures with Xavier, age 5

Natie, age 4, making coloured spaghetti
Holly - Or Elsie!

Next week the Sisters are asked to share a photo of the one thing in their craft area they can't be without - look out for some interesting creative tricks and tools!

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