Wednesday, February 1, 2012

TSS Photo Challenge - Week 4

This weeks photo theme is "What's on your cutting table" and we've had some VERY interesting submissions from the Sisters. Lots of exciting projects appear to be currently in the works!

Jane - Lil Pip

  Holly - Or Elsie!

 Leigh - Sakurako

Naomi - Made for Myah

Lynda - Stoked Creations 

Sharon - Lil Moo & Mee

 Sarah - Skip Chasey

 Patricia - Unique Babeez

Next week we'll be looking at the more private side of the Sisters with the theme being "Your bedside table." See you then!


  1. Love Gill's - I think that is a more realistic representation of what our tables look like all the time!

  2. So true Jane! Since I use the dining table I had to move the fruit bowl and push the pile of preschool art projects out of shot before taking mine.


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