Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Product in Focus: Boobook from Lil Pip

Up next in our Product in Focus series, we feature a 'hootiful' product which makes the perfect newborn baby gift!  This Q&A session courtesy of Jane from Lil Pip.

  1. Name of product: Boobook
  2. What is the purpose of the product? A perfect present for newborns or babies, the Boobook owl ribbon taggy is designed to stimulate babies senses.  The grosgrain, satin, velour or lace ribbons provide texture for little fingers and the beautiful soft minky back is just gorgeous to snuggle into.  The wings have added crinkle to delight a curious baby!  The long ribbon 'handle' can hang from your pram, hook onto rings in the car, bassinette .. many options.
  3. Who can use this product? From newborn to the age of 2 years but they have been known to hang in sewing rooms and I had one customer who bought them as gifts but were quickly taken by her 7 and 5 year old girls!
  4. What is the product made from? 100% cotton, ribbons of all types, minky or occasionally chenille back and crinkly wings are made from recycled plastic.
  5. Where is the product created? In my sewing space at home in Melbourne (usually known as my bedroom!)
  6. How is the product created? Oh this is the fun part - I love to play with all the beautiful fabrics and ribbons, designed just the right combination.  They are all created by me and Maxine - my sewing machine!
  7. How did the product idea come about? Owls were becoming very popular a couple of years ago and I had seen something online.  I made a couple for friends with new babies and had so many comments about them so decided to refine the design and make them myself.  Nearly 2 years later, I have made over 200 of them.
  8. Where can customers buy this product and what is the RRP? Visit my Facebook Page or my website or for the full range visit me at the markets in the inner west of Melbourne. Details are on my blog.  They cost $25 each
  9. Anything else about the product you would like to mention? Each and every one of them has a name. To me they all have their own little characters. Bizarre? Yes I'm now becoming the crazy owl lady :)

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