Wednesday, January 25, 2012

TSS Photo Challenge - Week 3

Its cooking week at the TSS Photo Challenge! Apologies for the delay, things have been hectic this week!

We've had some delicious looking submissions to this weeks challenge of "something you cooked." Some of the sisters have blogged their recipes and I've included links. If there's something here which is just too yummy for you to resist trying, pop it in the comments and we'll get the recipe written up for a Menu Monday post.

Jo - 5 Giraffes & a Cheeky Monkey: Vegemite Scrolls

Melanie - MelliMoo Creations: Zucchini Slice

 Linda - Independent Crafter:  Banana and White Choc Chip Muffins; Lentil Salad

Jane - Lil Pip: Pancakes (recipe on the Lil Pip blog)

Sharon - LiL Moo & Mee - Chili Prawn Linguine

Mel - Handmade by 3 Little B's: Jelly Slice

Sarah - Skip Chasey - Seafood pie - Weight Watchers Friendly (recipe on the Skip Chasey blog)

Leigh - Sakurako - Pear Tart (recipe on the leebee tells it like it is blog)

Next week we'll be taking a closer look at the Sister's craft areas by looking at their cutting tables - see you then!


  1. I know! I really wish Elliot could eat prawns without reacting, the chili prawn linguini looks delicious and I'd so be up for making that.


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