Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Product in Focus: Walkie Chalkie from Skip Chasey

Today's Product in Focus is something clever to put the smiles on faces of children and parents alike! This Q&A session is courtesy of Sarah from Skip Chasey.

  1. Name of product: Walkie Chalkie
  2. What is the purpose of the product: To provide a portable drawing mat while out and about.
  3. Who can use this product? Children that are able to draw with chalk - all the way up to adults.  It is also good for those children that are non-verbal and can write or draw their responses. 
  4. What is the product made from? Chalk cloth fabric and designer cotton backs. 
  5. Where is the product created? It is created here at Skip Chasey headquarters.  
  6. How is the product created? With a sewing machine. The binding on the Walkie Chalkies is all made by hand.  Specialty needles are used to go through the thick chalkcloth. 
  7. How did the product idea come about? I saw some chalkcloth being sold online and thought about what I could be doing with it. There was a prototype that was posted on the Skip Chasey Facebook page that was very well received.
  8. Where can customers buy this product and what is the RRP? Walkie Chalkies are available at market nights on the Skip Chasey Facebook page and retail at $20 plus postage.

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