Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Menu Monday (on Tuesday)

The long weekend interupted my schedule somewhat and I didn't realise it was actually Monday until quite late last night (oops!)  So Menu Monday has been moved to Tuesday for this week!

I don't know what it's been like in your neck of the woods, but the past week in Brisbane has been quite cold and dismal, which has made me think of some of those yummy meals that really are comfort food!!

One that I especially love is Pea and Ham soup (well mine actually is more like Pea and Ham Stew...)  It smells absolutely delish as it is cooking away on the stove or slow cooker and goes perfectly with some fresh bread.... yum.....

Pea and Ham Soup


1 Ham Hock
3 onions, diced
3 carrots, diced
6 gloves garlic
3 celery stalks, cut
3 tomatoes, chopped
½ cup barley
2½ cups green split peas
2½ - 3L water


  1. Place ham hock in a pot and cover with water.  Bring to boil.  Remove from water and discard the water.
  2. Stir onions, carrots, garlic and celery in olive oil until golden brown.
  3. Add tomatoes, thyme, barley and green split peas.  Place ham hock on top and cover with water.
  4. Simmer for approx 2½ hours.  Add more water if necessary.
I like to cook mine in the slow cooker and just let it simmer all day long.  If you want it to be more "soupy", take it off earlier or if you are like me and like it to be a bit more like a stew, let it cook for longer....

I think I better run off to the shops to buy a ham hock!


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