Monday, June 18, 2012

Menu Monday - Savoury Pastries

This week we have a couple of quick and easy savoury pastry recipes for you all!

Chicken Puffs

1 packet of cream of chicken soup mix
8 chicken thighs
6 sheets of puff pastry
butter or marge

Beat the chicken and make it as thin as possible. Lay the chicken on to sheet of pastry - leave the end with not chicken on it so you can roll it.
Mix half to a full packet of soup mix (to taste) with enough butter to cover all the chicken.
Spread thin layer of the butter/soup mix over the top of the chicken and roll, then cut into bite size pieces - I got six from one sheet. Glaze with egg and cook in over on 180 until pastry is golden brown.

Gill - OzHandmade via Art by Amber 

Pumpkin & Pine Nut Variation

I use the puff pastry sheets from Coles (freezer section), and the Swan Valley pumpkin dip. Spread it on generously (like you would with tomato paste on a pizza), lay slices of ham, then slices of cheese, and sprinkle pine nuts on top. Roll it up, slice and lay on a baking tray, brush with milk and cook at 180C until golden. (usually about 15mins).

Kay from Trinity's Treasures

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