Friday, June 15, 2012

Photo Challenge - Week 16

A lot of the Sisters are having their quiet periods before their EOFY sales so not much has been happening lately in TSS-land. We do have the next round of the Photo Challenge to share though - a bit late but better late than never, right? This week is 'Our Favourite Crafting Tools'.

 My fav tool, the iPhone, how could I live without thee? Even feel naked going to the toilet without it, I can talk to the TSS girls, surf the web, order takeaways, plan my week, do my budgets, but most importantly I can quickly capture those stupid things my kids do do often
Amy - Independent crafter
My fav tool, my business could not operate with out my laptop.
Gill - Oz Handmade

Something I cannot live without are my crocheting hooks...they go everywhere with me!
Naomi - Made for Myah

I love my rotary cutters, board and ruler, I use these every day I sew :) 

My favourite craft tools. Teaching is a craft so I always have my pen, after all, it is mightier than the sword. My camera is also part of my teaching craft...I capture every moment of learning, either through the lens or in my own minds camera. :o)
Naomi - Ohana Trends

Here's my favourite crafting tool. Its a tracing wheel and it's used to mark patterns on fabric. You lay fabric, pattern on top, roll the spikes along the pattern lines & it leaves little dents on the fabric so you know where to cut! 

My favorite tool is my unpicker, because it saves my butt so many times!
Sharon - Lil Moo & Mee

Next week is "Something New" - stay tuned!

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