Friday, September 28, 2012

Showcase Shoutout - Or Elsie!

Or Elsie! was created by Holly with the vision of combining practicality with a little whimsy.  The product range is every evolving but has a focus on practical clothes but pretty clothes for girls as well as things designed to make the everyday a little bit prettier for women living in today's technology focused society.

Holly also runs Puppy Dogs Tails which caters for boys.

For the Spring Showcase Holly has made a Size 2 Patchwork Pinny with matching headband. Made from a combination of 100% quality cotton fabrics, the skirt is patched together using 9 different prints and then lined with a light layer of cotton. The bodice is also 100% cotton and is finished with co-ordination buttons. The straps have been left long to allow the buttons to be moved down as your child grows, ensuring maximum wear time! Holly chose the colours of orange and yellow as they are the colours of sunshine and daffodils.

The Patchwork Pinny is a new addition to the Or Elsie! range and due to the patchwork on the skirt each dress is a OOAK. However Holly is open to suggestions for colour and size combinations and will liaise to acheive the perfect dress for your little one. Contact Holly at or via the Or Elsie! Facebook page.

The “Shades of Spring” Patchwork Pinny is available for $60 (plus $7.20 for registered post, free local delivery in Townsville is also offered). Included in the showcase listing is a matching headband. This price is for dresses this style in size 1-5, however larger sizes will be priced slightly higher as a result of the extra time and materials required to create the larger pieces of patchwork needed.

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