Friday, March 25, 2011

Easter Craft Tutorial

Hi there,  this is Sarah from Skip Chasey. I love all things craft and cooking (luckily my other job before having my little girl was a High school Home Ec Teacher).  I spent 16 months overseas in Chile and whilst there crafted often, I needed something to take my mind off being homesick. Last Easter I came up with this little tutorial of twine wrapped eggs. They look so cute in a glass bowl in the centre of a table.  Go check out my tutorial and have a go yourself. All you need is twine, hot glue and either raw eggs that have the insides blown and cleaned or even Styrofoam eggs (lots in the stores at the moment).  They do not take long to make but they look so cute. – I am going to attempt to make them with coloured raffia and the Styrofoam eggs soon.

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