Thursday, July 21, 2011

"Dolly" Travels to Northampton, WA

Well what a change from Perth this is for Dolly - a little town called
Northampton in the mid west of WA.

Upon arrival she was grabbed by a lanky teenage girl who was very disappointed to find out that she was only staying for a couple of days & not forever.

Next on the must do list was a visit to the sewing room where we par took in some light reading & some fabric diving ohhh that was fun!!! Thankfully my nice bright red shoes made it easy for Tina (from The Sewing Fairy) to find me!!!

 Then I spotted the ponies, WOW there were so many to choose from that I just couldn't choose , so I jumped in & played with them all.

Then Neighsey Chain very obligingly took me for a small trip around the yard. That was fun!. While we were there I spotted the sheep & just had to go say hello.

After a couple of fun days it was time to say goodbye to Northampton & head back to Perth where I will be busy packing for the next part of my journey.


  1. Just fabulous :-) Reminds me of the journey's our special classroom buddies go on with their childhood owners!

  2. Hahahaha - VERY cute!! She has good reading taste ;)
    Thanks so much for letting me know about "Dolly" x x x

  3. Melly only the BEST reading material to read here ;)


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