Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Meet the Maker - Little Sew & Sews

This week we are getting to know Belinda Henderson from Little Sew & Sews

Tell us a little about yourself:

I am a lady of many previous careers (travel agent, croupier, teacher to name a few!) that is tackling the biggest one of my life "stay at home mum" to William, 7 and Thomas, 2.  I recently married a wonderful man I am pleased to call my best friend too.  I have two elderly cats, George and Dax that are my fur-babies :) I love creating, and am loving setting up Little Sew & Sews as a business. I am also a bit of a closet clown - I love being cheeky and witty and making people smile ;)
Other than sewing, what do you do?

Other than running around after Tornado Thomas I enjoy a good book, a great movie and learning. Learning is something I need to constantly keep doing :)
Where do you get your inspiration?

From all the gorgeous patterns for softies that are available and all the delicious fabric I buy!  My original designs come from middle of the night wake up sessions, so my sub-conscious is obviously pretty creative too!
What does sewing, crafting and handmade mean to you?

Sewing is relaxation and pleasure at creating something that will be loved.  Handmade means made with love, care and thought, each handmade creation is a work of art with the flaws (big or small) making it just perfect!
Who is your favourite fabric or pattern designer?

Oh, do I have to choose just one of each? Seriously, I couldn't narrow it down! I absolutely love almost all the fabric that comes out of Michael Miller and Riley Blake Designs, but my personal all-time face fabric is Blush by Basic Grey for Moda :) Pattern Designers - well I have serious creative envy of the talents that are Sarah Hanson from Dolls & Daydreams and Melanie Hurlston from Melly & Me
Who has been your greatest influence?

My family and friends. I surround myself with people that are all unique, they know how to have fun and never take themselves too seriously. This life is way too short to not have fun along the way.
Where would you like to be in five years?

Still having fun creating, designing and raising my boys.  Hopefully all from a larger house that I come home to from a days work in my brick and mortar store full of handmade goodies!
What handmade possession do you love most?

Hard again to choose just one! My Winnie & Clem hat collection is always a pleasure to wear, as is my gorgeous headband from Skip Chasey.

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