Friday, July 15, 2011

The Sewing Sisterhood Scrappy Doll Journey begins!

In the beginning ...
 there was the idea of sending a piece of “Old People Golfing” fabric around to various members of TSS (The Sewing Sisterhood) and challenging them to use it to make something for sale, with the highest sale price the winner of something (read something as more Old People Golfing fabric!!).  I wasn’t particularly surprised when this idea wasn’t warmly received (though I must admit I was slightly disappointed)! However, my next idea of creating a “Scrappy Softie” from donated pieces of fabric and then sending the softie around Australia on a ‘journey’, was very popular with the Sisterhood!  Flooding into my mailbox here in Perth was an eclectic range of fabric pieces from all over Australia, all for the purpose of making a softie for charity and so the project commenced.

Who said fabrics on dollies had to coordinate and compliment!?

After a poll within the group we decided to use Sarah Hanson’s Dolls & Daydreams “Big Doll” pattern as our softie and what a great choice it was! Big Doll is seriously BIG and the size and design of the doll was PERFECT for using large scraps pieced together.

Being created is just the start!
After being born here at Little Sew & Sews headquarter in Perth, Western Australia, “Dolly” (who is yet to be officially named) has been safely posted off to her first destination – Northampton (north of Geraldton), Western Australia to Tina from The Sewing Fairy. I can’t wait to see what adventure she has with Tina!  
Stay tuned ...
After her country WA adventure “Dolly” will be making her way back to me for a trip on a plane to Melbourne and who knows – maybe a nice hostie will let her go into the cockpit for a browse?
All for charity
The Sewing Sisterhood is waiting to hear back from a charity to see if they are interested in receiving all proceeds from “Dolly’s” auction at the end of her journey – more details to come as her adventure continues.

Belinda Henderson

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