Saturday, August 6, 2011

Martha heads to Queensland

After the fun in Melbourne with The Sewing Sisterhood gals - Martha headed to Queensland with Angela (Perigren Creations) and Sarah (Skip Chasey). 


Martha was a very safety conscious plane
traveler - wearing her seatbelt and reading the In Flight Safety Guide. 

Upon landing, Martha was invited to visit the pilots - she was absolutely fascinated with all the lights and dials.

Sadly, she wasn't able to stay on board to help the pilots fly off to their next destination.
Maybe next time?

Welcome to Queensland - Martha with Sarah from Skip Chasey!!

First stop on her adventure is "The Town that Saved Queensland"  

Her new friends were very excited to see her when school finished and couldn't wait to show her around town. Luckily there was a spare seat in our car, perfectly Martha size.

First Stop: The Valley Rattler - all aboard the Heritage Train for a scenic tour of the area

Then it was time to explore the many historical sites around Gympie

Town Hall         Memorial Park            Australian Institute of Country music

    After touring around town it was back to Perigren Creations headquarters, to catch up with all Martha's new friends, including Rabbit and Bear. What better way to end the day, than tea, cookies and pizza on the deck overlooking the paddocks and breathing in that fabulous country air and sunshine.


    Thanks so much Martha for visiting Gympie as you travel around Australia!

        Angela xxx


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