Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Welcome to Melbourne, Martha!

Martha's journey continues ....
Martha, Jane (Lil Pip) and the little owlets

I was up bright and early on the Saturday morning in the Lil Pip house and off we went to the Queen Victoria markets where they go every week. Aren't they lucky! Thankfully it wasn't too cold that morning, sometimes they go when it is just 3 degrees! I think I would prefer to stay snuggled up in bed.

Little Miss A (who is just 2) gave me lots of cuddles in the market trolley. What a great way to get around the markets.

First we went to the meat hall. There were so many people and so much to choose from. Meat, seafood and chicken.

I loved the deli hall the best - all the cheese, ham, dips, antipasto - yum!! This was my favourite shop, we bought ham and bacon here. 
 Next was off to buy fruit and vegetables. All the yummy healthy food. 

It was still so early but the day was just getting started. 

Off we went to the Melbourne Craft and Quilt Expo with lots of girls from The Sewing Sisterhood. 

I enjoyed my morning at the Queen Victoria markets with Jane from Lil Pip and her little owlets. Thank you for showing me such an amazing place!

Martha (with help from Jane x)


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