Friday, August 5, 2011

Martha hit's the Melbourne Craft & Quilt fair with her sisters!

After an early start
well early for someone that does not have young children to wake her up 
on a Saturday morning.
Before we hit the fair we had to go in search of COFFEE!!
Or I would not survive!

Those of us that had stayed in the apartment on the Friday night
were to meet up with some of the sisters
(our online crafting support group)
and spend the day with "Martha" our dolly and
attend the Craft & Quilt Fair.
Here we are what a stunning bunch!
When we got inside the fair some of us split up and went in different directions because we wanted to do some classes and demonstrations.
 I went and did a procion dye class with unique stitching and hand dyed a silk scarf.
It was great to learn something new from the professionals :)
Another great class was one on what do do with the scraps you have in your craft room

Jane and Angela went off to a crochet class and Angela picked up her first crochet hook
see the concentration on their faces.

It was then time for Martha to meet some of her friends.
here is Martha with Nicole from Craft Queen

Everyone loved meeting Martha we were stopped by lots of people who wanted to know about her and why she was travelling Australia.

She stopped awhile and played with some lace

Then Martha meet up with
Nikki M from "You sew girl" book fame

By this stage Martha is a bit tired so had to have a rest

With rest period over off we all went to visit
the lovely Toni from "Make it Perfect"
Here is Toni with all of us that were left.

Martha was given a sewing lesson with the girls from Bernina

By this stage we were all pretty exhausted we had a fantastic day at the Craft and Quilt fair in Melbourne but it was time to go back to the apartment and relax a little before dinner.
Here is Martha relaxing and watching a bit of footy before heading out for dinner.
Well you cannot come to Melbourne and not see a footy match that would just be wrong.
Here was Martha's view from the apartment window

It was a great weekend with lots of fun and laughter.

I hope you enjoyed sharing Martha's day at the fair with us.


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