Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christmas Shopping

Christmas is looming, closer and closer. Here are a few fabulous gift ideas from the wonderful gals at The Sewing Sisterhood.

Meet Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer! With his cute red nose, Rudolph is ready to help celebrate Christmas for many years to come.
Available from Little Sew and Sews

Berry Deer Baby Chilli Limited Edition Christmas nappy. Our Limited Edition Christmas Print Modern Cloth Nappies are available in a great range of prints while stocks last. Spice up your baby this christmas while helping the enviroment and also making your baby feel more comfortable in cloth.
Available from Baby Chilli

Dress the kids in something cute from LA Crafts. Dress, ruffled bloomers, shorts, nappy covers, bibs. Custom orders are available.

These waterproof swimming back packs are an essential item for the kids when taking a trip to the beach, pool, park or even the for a night at the Grandparents. Lined with PUL the kiddies will be able to throw in their wet towels and togs.

Available from My Obsession Designs

Let the kids imaginations run wild with felt play food from Perigren Creations. Handmade with love and care in the country air, they are a great addition to any playroom kitchen!

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