Monday, November 7, 2011

Martha's Diary

After visiting with Unique Babeez and M's Cute Bottoms I went to spend the night with Tracey from My Obsession Designs. It was SO much fun!! She had 4 kiddies for me to play with!

Masters X & R let me play with their Thomas the Tank Engine trains which was heaps of fun. Master R really enjoyed having me over for the night and gave me lots of really big cuddles.

Miss A (who is only 20mths old) ADORED me! (and I thought she was great fun too!). Their little baby was really tiny! (He is only a month old). While I had a wonderful time playing with the kids, Tracey made me a handbag of my very own (do you like it?).

It really was just a fleeting visit. After staying for just one night, it was time for a trip up to Townsville to meet Sabrina from Crambster Creations. Until next time! Martha

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