Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Martha in South Australia

I arrived in SA to some terrible weather. Storms and wind that just about swept me off my feet. My first visit was to Amanda from La Crafts. Amanda normally makes gorgeous childrens clothing and other accessories (including breast feeding covers for Mummys and car seat wraps for babies). She is so clever. I was really looking forward to having a bit of a shop, but there was no time for that!

La Crafts headquarters had transformed from sewing central to irrigation central! There were lots of big pipes and big holes all around. A new irrigation system was being installed. And there was mud, lots of mud because of all the rain! I was not about to get my pretty little self dirty (I need to be nice and clean for whoever becomes my owner very soon), so I nominated myself as site supervisor.

I also got to have a go on the old tractor - that was pretty cool, and had a lovely walk in the vineyard on the La Crafts property.

Once the work was done I had some lovely play time with Amanda's daughter Sophie. We had lots of cuddles, played on the swing and jumped on the trampoline. I love playing with all the kids when I visit all these places!

When it was time to be packed up to be sent on to my next destination, Miss Sophie was ever so upset. I gave her a big hug and then I was on my way again. My next stop is Zahley Rose HQ where i will be spending some time with the lovely Jodie and her family.

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